Multi coloured led modules.

Phasing and other multicoloured led lighting effects.

Along with fixed coloured led light products we also supply a range of phasing and multicoloured led modules.

Multi coloured led modules allow you to create attractive lighting effects from a single module set.

multi colour led module

Applications for multi coloured led modules.

Multi coloured led modules can be be built into a range of sign products. From builtmulti coloured led modules up lettering through to fret cut sign trays and interior display panels a multi coloured led module system can be incorporated into virtually any sign system.

Multi coloured led modules also have applications for mood lighting and designer lighting effects for retail and hospitality locations.

Multi coloured led modules give you all the benefits of our fixed colour led products; ease of use, safe voltages and long life cycles. Multi coloured modules allow you to incorporate scope for interesting multi lighting using a single set of lights.

Multi coloured leds- lighting effects.

There are several different lighting effects you can achieve;

Multi coloured led modules are supplied in kit for or can be incorporated into most of our many sign and display products.

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