LED Gel lights

Soft feel led gel lights

These led's are the most flexible light source in our range. Manufactured in sealed lengths led gel lights fit round the most complicated of shapes.

Led gel lights are so flexible and formable you will be amazed at the ways in which you can use them.

led gel light

LED gel light- construction.

led gel light close upLed gel lights are made in sealed, waterproof lengths or 300 or 1000mm. A series of high powder led diodes are encased in a soft, pliable White plastic. The top of the led diodes are encased behind a clear cover.

This construction method allows gel led lighting to be bent and formed into the tightest shapes possible.

Led gel lights give you the ultimate in flexibility- no other led system is as pliable as the gel light range.

Led gel lights are easy to mount.

The led gel light system is mounted by gluing or taping the diode strips into place. No mounting pads or screws are required.

Led gel lights- suggested applications

If your lighting project demands the use of a flexible light source gel led's are a perfect solution.

Powering your gel led lights

Led gel lights work on either or our standard 60w or 35w transformers. All led gelflexible led gel lighting system lights run on a safe 12v DC supply.

If you need super small power supplies or extra large 120w transformers these can be supplied to order..

There is no more flexible led product available.

led gel light colours

Led gel lights give you the most flexible led light source available- soft and the ultimate shape following system.

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